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Complete List of Property Management Services

Advertising / Marketing

The bottom line is we need to find good tenants as quickly as possible. But chances are that the most qualified tenant won’t find your vacant rental without an aggressive marketing plan. To broaden our exposure we provide the following marketing services:

    • Property/neighborhood profile and market rent survey
    • Suggest improvements to maximize rent
    • Our comprehensive marketing campaign: 
        o Online - Craigslist,, Google Base, Hot Pads, Westside Rentals and more!)
        o Print media – Union Tribune, SD Reader and community newspapers
        o Multiple Listing Service
    • 24 hour information line to handle inquiries and provide information
    • Same-day showing of property to prospective tenants.

Tenant Screening

Once an candidate submits an application, we get started on a rigorous screening process. The following tenant screening services are included in our fee:

    • Credit history check
    • Criminal background check
    • Prior evictions check
    • Verify applicant's SSN, income, and job history
    • Interview previous landlords

Lease Management & Rent Collection

As a member of the Board of Realtors, we ensure that you are protected to the fullest extent by using lease agreements designed by the California Association of Realtors.  We prevent landlord liability through the following lease management services included in our pricing:

    • Preparation of lease contracts
    • Collect rent, security deposits, and late/bounced check fees
    • Establish and enforce community rules
    • Signed and verified Tenant inspection checklist
    • Eviction service assistance and court appearance to assist paid lawyer eviction

Property Maintenance

We manage routine monthly maintenance and service calls for you.  You can select your own tradespeople or use ours.  We schedule work with the tenant during regular business hours and finish as soon as possible. For emergency situations, tenants can call a 24 hour emergency phone answering service. 

    • Contract for repairs needed for your property
    • 24/7 answering service for emergency service calls
    • Supervise repair work and provide final inspection

Accounting & Reporting

We maintain separate bank accounts and complete computerized accounting records on each property.  You are provided with monthly financial statements and additional customized reports are available for your specific needs. Monthly services include rent collection, payment of all or a portion of property operating expenses, monthly disbursement and financial reports.

    • Emailed or mailed bank & financial statements
    • Monthly checks to owner
    • Year-end financial documents for tax return preparation
    • Secured web access to our backend system to view detailed information regarding
       your portfolio.

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